eRefund is a technology ecosystem built around VAT recovery and compliance. eRefund combines various services that make collecting your VAT refund simple, reliable and manageable.

“Simply put, Technology is our advantage. it is the heart of the product offering. eRefund™ is more accurate, more transparent and returns the most money to our customers.”Stephen Burke, CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER, Taxeo

What powers eRefund™?

vatCollector As the point of entry into eRefund™, vatCollector interacts with hotel and rental car invoicing systems, as well as expense management systems, to bring the e-invoices and invoice scans into claims with the least effort.
vatRefunder A critical part of the eRefund process, vatRefunder automatically connects your tax refund claim with the tax portals of the EU member states, or prepare files for Switzerland and Norway, in compliance with EU VAT refund directive (8th and 13th directive).
vatAuditor Sometimes the tax offices have questions. Not to worry. Taxeo’s vatAuditor product supports the tax office in their mission, making it easy for the auditors to review the authenticity, integrity and veracity of e-invoices, as well as access original e-invoices, as needed.
vatInspector Reviewing and analyzing every invoice and claim, vatInspector is responsible for taking all of the potentially refundable invoices and finding the fastest way to money back for our clients.
vatCare TAXEO’s easy to use web-based self care systems for our clients and our affiliated merchants.